A call for your perspective on Brexit

The impact of the result nearly two weeks on is starting to materialise. As you will be well aware the prominent issues in the media include the most significant political upheaval in a generation, social divisions and economic uncertainty.

So – what does that mean for us, the sector and the members we work with?

The slowing down of government business such as the Youth Justice Review is an outcome of the political turmoil resulting from Brexit. This impacts on our work through the probable delays in policy and the need to develop new relationships with Ministers after the inevitable Cabinet reshuffle, once the leadership contest has run its course.

The economy is in an uncertain position and that makes the markets nervous, which could result in a recession, impacting on government revenues, investments for grant-making foundations and future donor contributions to charities. This on top of the long-term impact of a reduction in our ability to access European funding could put increasing pressure on our sector and the young people we support. However, the one bit of positive news since the result has been the Chancellor’s announcement abandoning his economic target of balancing the books by 2020, which could reduce the need for further cuts to public spending.

The social divisions which have been reported in the media concern me most though, we will not accept racist and xenophobic attacks as a consequence of the Brexit vote and we should work together to ensure our communities are welcoming to all. There is also a generational split within communities where young people are reported to have voted overwhelmingly to remain compared to the over-65s of whom 60% voted to leave.

It is my belief as a sector we have a duty to lead beyond our own organisations to come together to work for the social good of all our beneficiaries. How do we ensure improving services continue to be provided for young people and how does Ambition play its part alongside its partners in the sector to support those members who enable this to happen?

We would like to hear from you; what are your concerns, challenges and opportunities as a consequence of the referendum? Has there already been an impact on your organisation and the young people being supported by your services? How can Ambition and/or our sector partners assist your organisation and young people to ensure the impact of Brexit will not affect their life chances? Please email us at:

Based on your responses, we propose working with our partners in the sector to co-ordinate opportunities to share members’ thoughts and experiences as a result of the Brexit vote.

We look forward to hearing or reading members’ and young people’s perspectives of the potential impact of Brexit over the next few months.